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HavilApps is a Mobile App Development Online Platform
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Why use HavilApps?

HavilApps is making mobile apps affordable and simple for businesses. We design mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, HTML5 and Android platforms that allow any business to simultaneously edit and manage their mobile apps online without any programming knowledge.

Who needs HavilApps services?

Any business or person can use HavilApps to manage their iPhone or Android app after the app has been created and approved by Apple.

What are the main features of HavilApps?

1. Give customers GPS directions from anywhere
2. Allow customers to directly contact your business quickly and easily
3. Create a social media buzz with our ‘Tell A Friend’ feature
4. Directly market to customers through in-app messages
5. Update apps instantly with our user panel

Why does my business need to go mobile?

Mobile marketing is arguably the fastest to get to your clients. The smart-phone provides you the opportunity deliver your message and connect with your clients like never before.

What type of support is provided after my App is developed?

HavilApps will provide you video tutorials and a searchable Help page located in your account after developement. In addition, we provide email and phone support.

What are the monthly fees for?

HavilApps charges a monthly fee for hosting your mobile app, 24/7 account access where you can manage your app. The account allows you to send unlimited push-messages to your clients, view analytical reports, edit the app and even add more features as needed.

What happens if I don't pay my app montly fees?

Your app will remain in the app markets via HavilApps iTunes and GooglePlay account. However, you will not have the ability to update the app through your account. Your clients will also not be able access the app’s content.

How long will it take to get my app developed and published to the app markets?

The entire process usually takes between 10 to 15 business days from start to finish. HavilApps ensures that we keep the highest quality standard for every app we developed.

What type of support is provided after my App is developed?

We give you step by step training on how to update your mobile app yourself – using our online CMS (Content Management System) We also provide phone support should you have any issues with the app.

Do I need to know software coding to maintain my app?

No, HavilApps account management system is very user friendly and requires very little technical skills to update your app. HavilApps will train someone from your organization at no extra cost after the app has been developed and approved in the app stores.

Do you offer “App Management” services?

Yes, we offer a service called ‘App Management’ where our team complete tasks of updating your app with latest information on a monthly basis for your. Please contact us for more information.

Does HavilApps have a Refund Policy?

Yes, HavilApps has a refund policy. However, HavilApps charges a one-time development fee and a monthly account access and hosting fees. The app development fees are non-refundable because of the amount of work involved with preparing the app for the markets. The monthly fee can be canceled at any time with a 30-day advanced notice.